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My Relationship

We explore the potential and purpose of your partnership. Not only with your partner but as well with your friends, children or parents. Its very interesting to see what our partner is mirroring us. What kind of learning lessons did he bring with to our relationship. Jealousy in relationship - seen as a shadow of your own psyche - how to cope with dependence on relationship.

What you get:

  • Deeper understanding of your partnership 
  • Deeper understanding of the purpose and potential which lays in your relations
  • Rituals to achieve cleanliness of your family line
  • Talents and resources of your children
  • Reprogramming of destructive programs which harm your relationships (private or professional)
  • Tools for successful work on yourself and on your partnership
  • Improvement of your life circumstances

(Fee includes: preparation time, 90 minutes consultation, printed documents in English or in German)