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My Life Purpose

Why am I here ? What is my deeper  life purpose ?

When we follow our life purpose we are happy and healthy. We are in line with our soul. We feel the lightness of being and we do not act self-destructive. The life makes sens.

In this analyse we will focus on your particular psychological attributes to be developed and the tendencies to be left behind in order to establish harmony and happiness in your life.

What you get:

  • Deeper understanding of your own nature 
  • Deeper understanding of from where am I coming and where do I go 
  • Profound vision for your life
  • Reprogramming of destructive programs which harm your healthy development
  • Tools for successful work on yourself and on your specific life purpose
  • Improvement of your life circumstances and health

(Fee includes: preparation time, 45 - 60 minutes consultation, printed documents in English or in German)