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My Identity

Rich astrological personality analysis.

Would you like to understand the core of your identity? 

We discover in your natal chart talents and resources you brought with you into this life. 

Unique way to explore the depths of your psyche to liberate you from the limited ideas of who you truly are.

We find together the way how to make you shine in your environment and we check how to build your charisma based on the true identity.


What you get:

  • Profound  understanding of your own nature - composition of archetypes in your natal chart
  • Deeper vision for your life
  • Understanding of your resources and talents - natal chart as a map of your potential
  • Liberation from the limited view of who you are and what you’re able of !
  • Examination of destructive forms appearing in your life 
  • Guidance in achieving success and self confidence

(Fee includes: preparation time, 45 - 60 minutes consultation, printed documents in English or in German)