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My bulimia

Obsession with the body and food became so widespread. What does it mean being a female today in the society and how our body is coping with that. Lets have a look on your Moon, Ceres and Venus position in your Horoscope. These 3 Archetypes are directly linked to your feminine and emotions and being oft trigger for Bulimia. 

What is your soul starving for and overcompensate with a food?

Let´s have a look on your true Identity - might that be suppressed ? Do you live your or someone´s else life?

What you get:

  • Understanding of feminine and masculine parts of your psyche as it is mirrored in your horoscope
  • Understanding of  moon, venus and ceres in your horoscope aspects being oft the trigger of bulimia
  • Rituals to support cleanliness of your soul and family line
  • Process aiming to release guilt and shame
  • Introspection of the self-worth problematic in your horoscope 
  • Spiritual background of bulimia and sharing experience (i was suffering on Bulimia long 10 years, now I am 100 % released - here is my story - IN CONSTRUCTION)

(Fee includes: preparation time, 45 - 60 minutes consultation, printed documents in English or in German)