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Ethic Guidelines

I expressly declare that I act according to the best of my consciousness.

I agree with the spirit of following ethical principles:


  1. The well-being of the client is always at the center of my interest 
  2. I meet the client with empathy and respect, recognizing his or her free will
  3. I always act according to the astrological model of time quality and encouraging the clients to make their own decisions
  4. I avoid all kind of moral judgments, and I do not consider the ‘’good and bad’’ evaluations 
  5. I never pressurize or frighten clients with horoscope interpretations and bear always in mind that any astrological constellation can be interpreted in several ways
  6. All personal information about clients is always kept strictly confidential (unless expressly released from the client himself)
  7. I am always clear and delimited for the client in terms of personal needs and goals (emotionally, financially or sexually)
  8. I constantly review and develop my astrological know-how


With love, respect and gratitude