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GDPR Compliance

GDPR Information 

(General Data Protection Regulation)

From May 25th 2018, compliance is required to new EU laws which concern anyone who processes personal data on a computer. They are designed to safeguard individual privacy.

By following up on a request for an astrological reading, you confirm that you have understood the information below and consent to the use of your data as described.

The notes below clarify how your data is handled in the course of my contact with you, and in my work in general:


Your data will never be sold, shared or passed on to anyone else for any reason.
No other person has access to your data, in whatever form it is held.
Erasure of all or any specific items of data can be done on request.
No data held by me is acquired from any source other than personal communication.

Only necessary data is held, to enable fulfilment of requests for astrological work, eventually online orders (might be books and recordings).



Data necessary for the agreed consultation will initially consist of birthdata (date, time, place) and email address. Additionally, some of the following may be requested: postal address, phone number(s), Skype name, biographical information.

All data is kept entirely confidential, is stored securely, and is never sold or passed on to anyone else, for any reason.

Access to your data, in whatever form, is limited to me only.

Your horoscope will never be used publicly by me for any purpose whatsoever, without your permission.

Birth data only (name, date, time, place) is archived indefinitely inside my astrology software, for the following purposes:
a) private astrological research
b) to enable me to respond quickly to urgent requests for astrological work at short notice

All emails are stored indefinitely on a Gmail account, which is password-protected, and to which only I have access.
This enables me to follow the trail of previous conversations relevant to any current and future requests for further work.

Any printed copies of notes, emails, astrological charts and information sheets are (securely) retained for a period of up to fourteen  years after our most recent communication, to comply with professional recommendations (Association of Professional Astrologers International) and legal requirements.

This is for your convenience, (as backup in case of loss or reformat of your computer, for example), and for mine, to review a session if necessary.
You may request deletion at any time.

On rare occasions, you might receive an email from me not directly related to your reading. This could be seasonal news of astrological interest, or about my calendar of events, or similar. Usually, however, such information is sent only to subscribers who have opted in to my mailing list.


Subscribing to my newsletters is only possible from the sidebar on my website (on the left-hand side of most main webpages),
This has a 'double opt-in' process (meaning I cannot manually subscribe anyone).
Removal of your name may be done at any time by unsubscribing or sending an email request to me.
If you wish to re-subscribe, you will need to register again from my website and use a different email address.


Your payment details (name, postal address, email) are retained only for the purpose of fulfilling your order and are not automatically added to any mailing list (see above).
No credit card or other financial information is stored on my website.


Email me if you have questions.

Compiled by Ivana Kaubek Bordovska, August 29th 2018, in compliance with GDPR recommendations.

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