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Ivana Kaubek Bordovská, MSc.

Astrolog, Cosmopolitain and Life Enthousiast

I am Astrolog 

My Education - beside what has the life brought -  includes :

Psychological Astrology - Die astrologische Diplomausbildung ( Sarastro College Vienna - Peter Frais, Elisabeth Mackl) 

Symbolon Cards Coaching - Symbolon Berater (Sarastro College Vienna - Ingrid Zinnel) 

Family Constellations Counseling - Planeten Stellen (Sarastro College Vienna - Ingrid Zinnel)

Master Degree in Business Administration and Management (Université Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne - Jean Luc Bideau )

My specialty is archetypal and psychological astrology. 

Beside traditional astrological analyses (natal chart reading, yearly forecast - solar return and secondary progressions, transits reading, partnership analysis - synastries and composites)  I focus on self worth thematic in horoscope and specialize to work with people suffering on bulimia

Working with personal horoscope, I can discuss with the client the cause and motive of his troubles, bring the core of his personality into the consciousness and set him back to his soul journey.

My big passion is as well to work with children horoscopes. Not only that they are showing talents of our children and their own world perception but as well by reading our own child horoscope we are coming directly in contact with our inner child. We understand in very concrete manner his needs and can finally fulfill them. 


I am Cosmopolitain

I love to travel and I find my home everywhere around the globe.

I always had a passion for different cultures and different languages (Venus in 9th house - rules my Ascendant, Mercury conjunct Midheaven)

You can contact me : in Czech, in German, in French, in English language and of course in my favorite symbolic language of astrology.

and now finally as well Life Enthousiast

Thanks to the astrology I deeply understood that I am a creator of all my life circumstances and I am responsible for all what happens or not  in my life (sometimes very unconsciously but often fully conscious).

I am the source of all what I like and of all I dislike.

I have chosen to be the life enthusiast and to enjoy all what life brings.

Consciously, with love and gratitude.

I am taking back responsibility for my health, for my happiness and for my well being.

And this on a profound emotional level. 


“For one human being to love another human being: that is perhaps the most difficult task that has been given to us,  the work for which all other work is merely preparation.” Rainer Maria Rilke