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Archetypal Astrology Counselling


Spiritual growth

Emotional well being

Shadow work 


Astrology makes possible a deeper understanding of one´s life path, its cycles, crises and breakthroughs. 

Astrology points out major moments of changes and transformations.

Astrology changes your level of awareness.

When you are AWARE - you can take responsibility !

When you are responsible – everything changes !


Would you like to better understand yourself and experience your identity?

Would you like to better understand your relationships (partner, friends, children, family member,..)?

Would you like to get additional information about nature, talents and resources of your children?

Are you suffering on bulimia and would you like to know the spiritual background reason behind this uncomfortable dependency and food struggle? 

Would you like to understand your spiritual growth and get some more insights about pictures ejected by psyche during holotropic breathing and hypnosis?


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Archetypal and psychological astrology


We find your specific background thema - expressed in daily life by bulimia crisis. Spiritual Insights and alternative healing for eat-binge disorder.

Spiritual Growth according to the astrological transits

Correlation of pictures (holotropic or hypnosis) and dreams as they are mirrored in the natal chart. Current transits - what is currently going on. Description of your own transformation process.