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My Methods - How do I work 

Psychological Astrology 

Work with Archetypes


Astrology I am working with is not about predicting the future. It won’t tell you what’s going to happen to you, nor will it tell you what to do or how to live your life; it’s far more sophisticated than that.

Archetypal and psychological astrology combines the best of traditional astrological knowledge with modern growth psychology, providing a powerful tool for self-understanding and psychological and spiritual growth.

This know-how can be used as a resource and a guide on our life journey. It encourages us to take full responsibility for ourselves and our actions. In order to find our true identity and get power to leave old structures and old style of thinking.

It’s also very helpful at pinpointing exactly where we are currently standing and what for is the time now ready. 

Emerge inside yourself and find who you truly are. Find your intuition and believe in your self.

Astrology is the deepest psychological human language. I can help with a translation of your astrological natal chart.

My astrological reading is the guide on your way to self realization, self confidence - with a purpose to support  your own individuation process. 



Symbolon Cards and Constellations

Extraordinary playful method combining astrology and card interpreting. Developed by Ingrid Zinnel, Peter Orban and Thea Weller.  

All what have been forgotten and lay deep down in our psyche will be brought up on the surface and cleaned. After this process - an amount of energy can be again released and flow.

This method is bringing on the table all responsibilities we have to take in order to live happy and free life. Beautiful pictures on the cards , them self are bringing metaphorically a lot of material from unconsciousness to conscious. This method can be enriched with family constellations - with stones as a energy holder.